What Makes Fx Vital So Unique?

We prepare herbs by mixing them with phospholipids, making liposomal herbal mixes. Liposomes are little fat bubbles that encapsulate the herb. By wrapping the herb in fat, three things happen:

Liposomal Preparation:

First of all, when you take a liposomal preparation of an herb, it’s absorbed into the lymphatics of the gut, not into the blood stream, so it bypasses the liver. We know that Lyme spirochetes and bartonella are two bugs that live primarily in the lymphatic system. So, by making the herbs liposomal, they travel through the infected lymphatic system.*

The second effect of the liposomal preparation, is that the herbs can cross the blood-brain barrier, and can actually be very active in the brain. Most patients with chronic lyme, borrelia, babesia, bartonella, and micro plasma are severely infected in the brain, leading to brain fog and other neurological issues. To get past the blood-brain barrier is typically very difficult, and so liposomal preparation of herbs is crucial.*


The third effect of liposomal preparations, is that they have been found to penetrate bio-film, and deliver the effective nutrient to the microbes that are hiding inside.*

“Finally, an All-In-One Treatment for Lyme Disease That Works.”

What Makes Fx Vital So Unique?

In the Gut

In the Brain

Penetrate Bio-Film

- Dr. Robinson DC

A Powerful Formula.

A Powerful Daily Formula.

Fx Vital

A potent blend of vital ingredients for supporting your body’s own natural ability to fight against chronic infection. Finally, the perfect broad-spectrum formula to simplify your daily herbal protocol.

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I am a Licensed Acupuncturist and Chiropractor in Scottsdale, AZ. I am a certified ART practitioner of Applied Kinesiology with an incorporation of Integrative nutritional medicine and Clinical Nutrigenomics. But have also been privileged to help patients recover from some of the most challenging health disorders such as MS, Cancer, Lyme Disease, Mold toxin Illness, Hashimotos, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Colitis, and Fibromyalgia to name a few.

Who is Dr. Jeff Robinson DC?

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• Support Healthy Joints*
• Mental Clarity*
• Mood Support*
• Boost Natural Energy*


A very rare, wonderful african herb, traditionally used in West Africa to treat malaria.



Often used in Mexican, Asian, and Caribbean cooking, and rich in minerals, vitamins.*


Curcumin is greatly underrated and largely unknown in Western culture today. It contains bioactive compounds with powerful medicinal properties*

The Most POTENT Ingredients Available.

Artemisia Annua

An herb used in the Chinese culture for various fevers including malaria, and contains the well-established compound artemisinin. *

Japanese Knotweed

An herb containing resveratrol, which has a long list of medicinal uses. Knotweed is feared by many gardeners and home-owners because of it’s deep-rooted systems which can destroy an entire house from underneath. However, japanese knotweed only grows in very toxic environments.*

Whole Leaf Stevia

A promising new preclinical study has revealed that whole stevia leaf extract possesses exceptional activity against the exceedingly difficult to treat pathogen, borrelia burgdorferi, known to cause Lyme disease.*

Most natural supplements purchased today are either synthetic or are very weak in strength and have little absorbtion in the body. The herbs in Fx Vital are extracted in the most potent way possible with liposomal preparation to get the highest level of absorption. In the liquid tincture form, the herbs are 6x more absorbent than a standard capsule.*

"Fx Vital contains numerous herbs that have been shown to work hand in hand with the body’s own natural antimicrobial,  antimalarial,  antiparasitic, and  antifungal abilities, even in a patient who has Lyme, to not only effect the Borrelia organism, but also address any concurrent or co-infections.*"